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February 9, 2010
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February 9, 2014


Special Thanks to the 2011 Board of Directors



Gate Repair (October 8, 2011)



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The Rolling Reporter                               
By Chris Burnes

    On Sunday, December 4, 2011 the NHATV Club held its 13th annual Toys for Tots ride at Bear Brook State Park in Allenstown, NH.  We would like to say THANK YOU to HK Powersports of Hooksett and Grappone Toyota of Concord, NH for their continued support to make this ride possible.
We had a total of 201 riders and collected a total of 352 toys.  We would like to say “thank you” to all of the wonderful  people who came out today to enjoy the beautiful day, take a guided ride and to donate a gift to a child in need.  It was such a delight to see those dress blues.  It made a special touch to such a great day! Thank you to the USMC for showing such pride!
I would like to say THANK YOU to all of the volunteers who gave their time and effort to make this day happen.  The food was great.  I enjoyed it immensely.  Thank you to all the hard workers who cooked and kept serving the coffee, donuts, hamburgers and that wonderful Chicken Soup.  It surely kept me warm inside.

    Until the next time ride safely!


The Rolling Reporter
By Chris Burnes
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     On Sunday,  July 24th the NHATV Club held it’s annual  Mt Washington Ride in memory of Gerry Pomerleau.  We arrived in the parking lot at the base of Mt Washington around 7:00 AM to find a line of riders waiting to purchase tickets.  We posted that tickets were not to be sold until 8:00 AM. 

Richard and I starting setting up two tables.  One for those who needed to purchase a 30 day temporary membership for $2 (requirement by the auto road) or to acquire a yearly membership.  The other table was for selling the ticket to ride your ATV up the auto road.  WE were only given 400 tickets for drivers and 80 tickets for passengers.  I have been doing this for 6 years and we have never posted how many tickets we have to sell.  WELL this year we were all sold out by 10:30 AM.  It was unbelievable!!  Not to mention how exhausting this task is.  We had to post a sign up at the beginning of the auto road.  When I had to tell people no more tickets it broke my heart.  But unfortunately, there a rules for everything and we can’t please everyone.  We have gotten many emails and calls for people upset because they drove many hours and miles for this wonderful event and could not ride.  Just a quick note all the Board of Directors had to drive many hours and miles and stay the weekend at our own expense to put this ride on. 

Many fellow ATVers enjoyed the beautiful ride up the auto road for the view is spectacular.  We were told by Auto Rd workers that you could see 120 miles to the ocean.  For those who were able to enjoy it, I hope we made your day!! 

Richard started cooking all the wonderful food which was sponsored by Rochester Sports Center.  We had hotdogs, hamburgers, cookies, water and soda.  Thank you all for the wonderful donations.  The NHATV Club appreciates your generosity.  After all the riders came down they enjoyed a bite to eat, bought some merchandise and had great conversations with a bunch of great people. 

I personally would like to thank everyone who pitched in and helped make this weekend a great time for all. 
We had a few issues with riders which we were able to address with the proper trail patrol.  Mary spoke with Richard and she was very pleased with the outcome of this event.

Until the next ride, ride safely!

Brian Fisher Event July 16th Hosted by Great North Woods ATV Club

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Brian Fisher Event July 16th Hosted by Great North Woods ATV Club
A group of NHATV Club members made the trip up to Pittsburg NH to see the Brian Fisher event. For those of you who don’t know Brian Fisher he travels around the country filming rides and events for his TV show airing on the Outdoor Network. We arrived early and the parking lot was just filling up. We rode down to the event; there were about 10 ATV and food vendors along with the N. H. Bureau of Trails. When we first arrived the line was 20 deep to meet Brian. Brian travels with his wife and daughter filming and promoting his tour (Keeping It Real Tour).
I found Brian very friendly; he was willing to spend plenty of time with you signing autographs and pictures. He even remembered hearing about my mishap in Utah when I lost my Rubicon off the side of a mountain at the Rocky Mountain ATV Jamboree. That story never dies.  Thirteen of our members headed out for a dusty ride lead by our Ride Director Andy Engwer; great job, Andy.  I’m still digging the dust out of my eyes.  Thanks for making me ride in the back.  At end of the day we headed out to Saw tooth trail where some of the NHATV Club members challenged the mud holes. We are happy to say most made it through.
The town of Pittsburg has opened many town roads to make it easy to drive your ATV to local business. This is a great way promote the town of Pittsburg and makes it a nice place for an ATV vacation.
All in all we had a great time, food was good, ATV dealers and vendors and friendly people. I want to thank the Great North Woods Riders ATV Club for sponsoring this event; we love your trials. Our club usually has one club ride a year in Pittsburg but this year due to the high gas prices it looks like it won’t happen, sorry. We’ll keep the rubber side down and we will see you at the next event.       Buddy Dionne

2011 Super Ride Report

Mt Moosilauke ATV Club all day ride in Warren was a fun filled day. We had around 200 machines in the parade along with 2-6 wheel machines and a Super 1000 Craftsman Mower if front of us doing tire spins. They had 162 official riders sign up for the poker run with the best hand receiving over 850 dollars and a comfortable hammock for the second best hand. They had tables full of raffle drawings which I won a nice set of Oakley goggles that my son claimed for his use. Vern had a full yard of campers this year from New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Maine. The cooks did another outstanding cookout for the large turnout and a lot of riding stories were reviewed around the bonfire.  

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The Rolling Reporter
By Chris Burnes

On May 22, 2011 we gathered at the parking lot in Fremont, NH for our May Membership and Trail Maintenance Drive for the Rockingham Trail.  We had a total of 13 members who started and more came in later to help.  Richard and I ran the membership drive , cooked hotdogs and burgers, and sold merchandise for those interested. Thank you Higgy for bringing the trailer.  The weather somewhat co-operated. It didn’t poor out but it was still a raw and damp day.  Buddy showed up late with his Grandson Cole.  He definitely kept me busy. I will sleep very well tonight from the skipping jump rope and chasing him around the Kiosk. 
Andy (ride coordinator) was brave and drove the Kubota to help put the Kiosk in at the Island Pond Rd entrance.  It must have been a wonderful ride.  Bumpy and very slow.  Must have seemed like forever to get to your destination.  Dana ran the work party.  He had everyone cleaning up trash, filling in wash outs and making sure the damn beavers left town.  (oh, maybe they were waiting for their buddy Roland).  
All started heading back to the parking lot around 1:00 PM.  Richard had the burgers for the workers, and hotdogs cooking for the members who joined the club today.  We all gathered, ate and had some wonderful conversations with great people.  I would just like to say THANK YOU        to those who gave time to volunteer today to keep this trail clean for all those who can enjoy it.
We gained 5 new members today, sold 1 t-shirt and many promises to mail in their new memberships.  Welcome to our club and hope to see you all on the trails.
Higgy, Kim and I counted shirts and folded them all nicely to get ready for our biggest event at the Mt. Washington Auto Road.  Hope to see you all there! 
Thanks to you all for such a great day.  Until the next time, ride safely!

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The Rolling Reporter
By Chris Burnes

   On Saturday, April 30th the NHATV Club met at the Ammonoosuc Rail Trail in N. Haverhill, NH.  We met at the trail head located on Rte 10 across from the Mobil Station.  There were 13 riders in attendance and 1 passenger.  The weather was cool, but nice for riding.  Andy Engwer (ride coordinator) was the leader of the pack and Tom McGee (member) was the tail person. 

     We rode on nice trails.  These trails are the old rail bed and the trails are in great shape.  We had the pleasure of smelling natures wonderful fresh air (cow manure) and seeing the flooded areas.  We came to a wonderful dam that was just swelling with white water and very strong currents.  That area was flooded and the locals fixed the area prior to our riding.  I am glad we were able to ride that trail for the views are absolutely incredible.  This was my first time riding this trail and I was very impressed.   

    We rode some more and stopped at the end of the trail in Littleton, NH.  We all stopped and enjoyed a snack, some drink and wonderful conversation with great people.  We rode about 22 miles one way so far.
We headed back and stopped at a pizzeria for lunch.  We got great service for the amount of people who ordered.  We ate and had some conversation.  We then  went over a covered bridge in Bath, NH and then stopped at the oldest country store around the corner.  There were some pretty interesting things to check out.  Heading back we stopped at an old train depot and took some great pictures. 

   We finished back were we started.  Kudos to Andy and Tom.  A group ride well done.  Looking forward to the next one.  Hope everyone enjoyed themselves and the company.  Great ride with great people.

    Until the next time we meet, ride safely!

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The Rolling Reporter
By Chris Burnes

      On Saturday April 16, 2011 we held our first annual membership/ cleanup drive starting at the Fremont Parking lot.  We met in the parking lot at 9:00 AM to put together a plan.  Some of us had a bad start. ( WE forgot the hotdogs and had to get more before we could meet up with the guys.)  Roland, Buddy, Higgy, Chris, Nick, Jeremy and John headed out with all the wonderful volunteers who showed to help us out with trash pickup, and getting the beaver dams cleared so the water could drain.  Those beavers were hard working this winter.  I have never seen such big beaver houses. 
Kim was volunteered to work the club trailer.  We sold quite a few of t-shirts, sweatshirts, and of course those wonderful hats.  Great job Kim. Buddy and a few of the board of directors made this huge picnic table which we put near the kiosk at the Fremont Trail head.  
Richard and I had the wonderful pleasure of feeding all the new members, board of directors and the volunteers who made the cleanup possible.  We greatly appreciated all those who took the time to come and join our club and help with making the trail maintenance an easier job.  Everyone keep up the great work!
As usual, I had a great time with everyone.  Rick Lacourse actually showed up for the event and I had the priviledge of giving Abby her first ride down the Rock Trail to show her what the beavers did.  She enjoyed herself.  I also had a great time entertaining Cole (Buddy’s grandson).  He definitely has a great imagination.  He looked so cute riding his 50 cc Kawasaki.  Dana, we missed you! 
Until the next time ride safely!
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ATVing in Arizona

I recently spent some time in Kearny Az. Kearny is a small town of about two thousand in the middle of copper mine country. It is southeast of Phoenix and 75 miles of Tucson. My wife and I (Diane, Club Treasurer) spent ten days traveling around the state with relatives of mine.

While I was there I got the opportunity to go riding a couple of times.  My guide and cousin (who we will call Hank to protect his identity) had atv’s so this made it easy. The first ride we loaded up the machines first thing one morning 11am LOL. We did this so we could go and ride the other side of Mescal Mountains.  Once we loaded up we drove about 30 minutes to the parking area.  From there we headed out on a 37 mile ride starting out at 2800 feet.  The first couple of miles we rode a gravel road and then we headed up on the trails.  These trails unlike ours are mostly smooth hard pack.  As we started to climb our way through the switch backs watching for cattle I was surprised it wasn’t dusty.  With my fearless guide ahead of me we only saw three other atvers all day.  The atvers out there seemed very friendly enough to stop and hug out on the trail.  I guess that’s what happens when you haven’t seen someone for a while.  Hank is the only one I know that can be in the middle of the desert and run into someone he knows. The only other signs of life we saw were about 14 miles into the back country.  We came across an old claim from the 40’s where someone had built a home now owned by Willie and his dog Lady.  We stopped and talked to Willie for a bit he told us his home didn’t have electricity but did have a gas stove, refrigerator and hot water heater.  I asked Willie what brought him to that part of the country?  He replied “my Harley.”  Willie was quite different than most city folk.

Now it was time to move on as we worked our way to 6500 feet looking out over the mountains with beautiful views and even a little bit of that white stuff – the stuff we went to get away from.  At that point we started working our way back down to the valley, mountains as far as you could see.  On the way back we went through gates not like our gates, gates you had to open and close not to let the cattle out as this is open grazing land for the cattle ranchers.  On the way back I got to lead once we hit the gravel road.  It wasn’t bad I only had to stop three times for the old guy to catch up.  This was one of the best rides I ever had in my 28 years of riding.

The next ride Hank, the copper miner / guide, took me on, was right from his driveway.  Unlike N.H. Az. Allows you to register your atv’s for both on and off road riding.   It was nothing to see someone riding down the street to go into town or heading out to the desert for a ride.  COOL REALLY COOL it’s like atv heaven.  Back to the ride we drove a few blocks from his house to ride the Mescal Mountains Recreation Area.  This is a riding area made so people who come into town can park and camp in a very nice campground built by the town of Kearny.  This campground had about a dozen sites, each site had cement pad with a picnic table with canopy and fire pit it also had bathrooms with running water, and a water spicket to fill your tanks.  All this came at a price of $00.00.  How can you hate this?  The Park is on a 15 square mile area and the town has made 25 miles of trails connected to many other trails.  The riding in this area had a little more challenging trails a lot of wash outs and a lot Saworal cactus.  Overall this was some of the best riding I have ever done.  Here are a couple of web sites for more info. www.azgfd.gov  Rider Plant USA   Our special thanks to Cherry and Hank for hosting our atv adventures!!!

                                                                                                              Buddy Dionne


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The Rolling Reporter
By Chris Burnes


Today, February 5, 2011 we all gathered for our annual Ice Fishing Event at Pawtuckaway State Park in Nottingham, NH.  We all met at the parking lot around 9:00 AM.  Some members were running behind.
Buddy brought his Bob House and fire pit.  Dana brought the ice auger and Richard and I brought what was most important, the food!(ha ha).  Buddy pulled the Bob House, Richard pulled our home made sled with the food, and I pulled the fire pit.  We all followed Higgy, who was smart and rode his sled.  What a day full of adventure.  We had to go the long way to the pond for the snow as so deep and light that the ATV’s would have just sunk.  Anyhow, we followed Higgy on his sled and boy what a mess.  The snow was very deep and under that was too much of slush.  We all were getting stuck on the ice.  On our way to the ice, Buddy tip over his Bob House and his bait and everything in it was all over the inside. Higgy pulled me out and I was a dumb A** and got the tow rope wrapped around my front left tire. 
After the Brains of the group decided we should go back to land and just have a cookout and ride the trails, we all tried to head back to land.  What a mess!!  Higgy had to get most of us out from being stuck and some of us he had to tow us back to land.  I think we spent a better of three hours towing and getting people out of the mess on the ice.  We rode back to the parking lot and set up the fire pit and enjoyed some burgers, hotdogs, chips and cookies with the 18 people that attended the event.  Dana was thinking of putting a few fish holes with the auger in the parking lot so we could fish!  That would have been something huh?
After we finished eating lunch the group headed out for a trail ride.  Dick and I stayed behind and watched Buddy’s grandson and kept an eye on the fire and peoples belongings.  I had a great time having snow ball fights and sliding down the big pile of snow with Cole Buddy (Buddy’s grandson).  We all talked around the fire pit for a while to let the fire die down and around 3:00 PM we headed back to the main entrance to pack up and head home.  
I don’t know about everyone else, but I was so exhausted I came home and took a nap on the couch.
Even though we had tons of mishaps today I had a great time with a bunch of fun and wonderful people.  Thank you all for a great time.  Higgy thanks for being our savior for the day!!  Big round of applause to Higgy and his sled!! Got a call from Buddy and when we packed up his fire pit there was still coals and wood in it so we piled a bunch of snow in it to put the fire out.  Well on his way home, after the snow melted and the wind from driving reignited the coals and when he was going thru the toll booth in Bedford his fire pit was a blazing!  He had to put it out again with some snow.  Wow talk about an ending for the day!
Until the next time, ride safely!

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The Rolling Reporter
  By Christine Burnes


On Saturday January 22, the NHATV held its Bear Brook State Park Tailgate party.  We all met in the first parking lot at 9:00AM.  We have roughly 13 riders in attendance.  We all enjoyed conversation and headed out for our ride at 9:30 AM.  We designated our fearless leader (Buddy Dionne) to lead the pack on our wonderful adventure. 
We rode until 12:00 PM and headed back to the parking lot for our lunch.  We had lots to eat.  Hamburgers, hotdogs, and the homemade chef Buddy brought Campbell’s Clam Chowder( I think it was Campbell’s—mm mm good).  We had chips and cookies.  After we stuffed our bellies we headed back out and rode some more.  Unfortunately, my husband and I had to stay behind for he lost the keys and was afraid we might come back to no truck or trailer.  After searching, you would never guess where I found them?  They were in the cuff between his jeans and his snow pants.  We then decided to head out and maybe find the rest of the group.  Unfortunately we never found them until we were just coming back to the parking lot.  We roughly rode 40 miles for the day.

Hope everyone had a great time.  As usual I enjoyed a great ride with a bunch of great people.  For those who missed the ride maybe we will see you at the next ride.  Until then, ride safely!

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