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Special Thanks to the 2012 Board of Directors

Special Thanks to the 2012 Board of Directors



By: Roland Shaw - Trail Master

On Saturday April 14th NH ATV CLUB had a clean up /membership drive. We got some new members and had a great time cleaning up the rock trail. We did some water control, trimmed tree limbs that where over the trail so that rides of all kinds would not have trouble going through. We had a couple people cleaning out the sides of the trail, some doing trash, and we even had time to talk to the fish and game while we where out there. Hat's off to our new trail Administrator Chris Theriault for running the grader and his son Landon Theriault, great kid to work with, he knows what has to be done and he go's right to.

Thanks to all the volunteers who showed up to help out!



By: Roland Shaw - Trail Master

Hello ATV community, NH ATV Club had a membership drive and trail maintenance on May 19th. We had a good turn out and we accomplished everything we had set out to do. We sold some apparel, signed up 2 new members, and we even had our vice president there with his awesome cooking skills. So if you get a chance to come out and lend a hand, or come out and ride, you may even see some wildlife. A member and myself saw 5 deer as we rode down the trail to do more work, so beautiful. Thank you once again to the volunteers for all your help it is very appreciated. 'Til the next trail maintenance day, Ride Safe and Thank you.

Thanks to all the volunteers who showed up to help out!


By: Roland Shaw - Trail Master

Hello everyone, as you all know it's my job as Trail Master to find people who we can hire for our projects. So I did, the gentlemen in Sandown that owns both sides of the Rock Trail his name is Troy. He accepted the job in the middle of the week and started it Friday the 5th and finished it Saturday the 6th. So Warner Hill is complete. You could never tell the island was there. On Tuesday, October 16th Troy completed the trail repair work on the section of trail in Sandown between Odell Road and the Depot. A layer of 3-6" stone was installed topped with ledge pack. He did an excellent job on both projects.






This is the outcome from the NHATV and NCATV clubs 1st winter Poker Run that was held on January 14th.

This was a joint effort of two clubs working together. This was a fun event and we would like to make it an annual

event. We are now working on a summer Poker Run to be held in June with the NCATV Club.

 Keep checking our web site for more info. Also watch our calender for up and coming rides. So far this year we

 have not been able to set up our ride/ice fishing/cookout on the lake this year do to bad ice and snow conditions.


February's news letter from the V.P

Well folks the first event of the year is over. Seems funny that we had our first event in the middle of the winter but it was for a reason. Many people and members didn't know that most of the trails in the NCATV Club are open all year except for mud season. The other thing to keep in mind, riding in the winter is temperature. If its warmer then 32
degrees we ask you to stay off till the temps drop so you don't rut up the trails. Now the only trails that are closed for the winter to all Wheeled ATV's are the 19 Bridges trail and the 29 Bridges Trail along with the West side trail. These trails are on state land so Please stay off these trails with Wheeled ATV's till after mud season. We don't want to loose this beautiful trail in the summer. The other trail that is still closed is the one leading up to Blue Mountain Variety store. Seems the land owner is still upset with the state and holding us hostage. One thing about riding the winter is there's no dust, just a little cool air. Well, ok cold air and at times can be down right frigid. But hey adding a couple layers of warm clothes and packing something warm to drink for when you stop to look at all the great scenery is still better then riding when its 95 degrees out and so dusty you have to ride 1/4 mile apart. One of the most comments from every one that came back from the poker run was "We couldn't believe all the animal tracks that we saw" and " you can see so much more". Riding in the winter is totally different then in the summer because it is so much more open. I mean you can see forever in the woods. You can actually see Deer, Moose and Coyotes walking 100 yards off the trail. Nothing like in the summer when you see that first big moose and he runs down the trail and ducks in the woods and just disappears because you can't see 30 feet in the woods. The other thing you'll notice is that the trails are little smoother. That little bit of snow that we had made a huge difference in the ride. And when there's enough snow the trails are groomed. So if you'd like to give it a try get a hold of one of the lodges on the trail and come up for the weekend and do some winter ATV riding. Its a great time. Ok now let me tell you about the great poker run that we had in January. It really started Friday morning when about 10 of us set out to sign the poker run route. I met the
NHATV Club guys down at the trail head at Burns field at 9 am. Everyone was getting their wheelers unloaded, warm cloths on, tools rounded up and just as we started to leave it started to pour. Now it 28 degrees out and pouring. Where's the snow that was promised? Jeesh! So out we go because it has to get done for tomorrow. Canʼt have
anyone getting lost that hasn't been on our trails before, now can we. Lets see, 30 plus miles of trail and 6 stops, pouring rain, were going to have to make this quick. Now in the 5 1/2 hours that it took us to sign those 30 plus miles we had pouring rain sleet then bright blue sunny sky's, back to snow the size of golf balls. Needless to say we had a
blast the whole time. Everyone stayed warm and somewhat dry through it all. Now on Saturday it started out great, 4 to 6 inches of fresh snow but a little on the chilly side. Lots of riders showed up to brave the cold. We had riders from as far away as RI, CT, Mass, VT to ride. With most supporting the local lodges on the trails. A very nice turn out for our first Winter Poker Run. Everyone said they had a great time on the trails and plenty to eat back at the warm club house where folks drew their hands and took chances on the great raffle prizes that were donated. I want to thank everyone for supporting the local merchants and lodges. With a bad winter for snow and snowmobiling it was a great boost to their economy. I would like to thank the dealers and lodges that donated a raffle prize for the raffle. There were some really nice prizes given out. Once again Thank You! Also I would like to thank the February's news letter form the V.P. NHATV club for their help promoting this event, making up the signs and the guys that came out and help me sign the poker run course on Friday. The other folks that I would like to personally Thank would be everyone that help out that day. Without your help it would not have gone so smoothly. Thanks so much everyone! And from the feed back that day, looks like everyone thinks this should be a annual event. On another note the events calendar is almost complete and will be posted soon. Also if you check out the web site Wayne Labatte has been doing a great job of trying to keep it up to date. This years NCATV monthly meets will be held on a Saturday at the Stratford Night Hawks Club House. White building located just off to the right in the field just after you cross the first dirt road after the railroad bed. Well that's it for now. Ride safe and please respect the land you ride on. And don't be afraid to stop and say Hi to the people you might see walking the trails, You don't know but it just might be the land owner who's land your riding on and that little Thank You, goes a long way. Keep your wheels tight and air low and have a great day!

February's news letter form the Chuck Geisler, V.P.


Mount Washington Weekend (July 20-22, 2012)


Raymond 4th of July Parade (July 4, 2012)


NCATV Spring Poker Run (June 2, 2012)


Bound Tree Ride (May 27, 2012)

Spring Kid's Ride (May 12, 2012)

Bella Ride (April 29, 2012)

Ammonoosuc Rail Trail (March 18, 2012)

Sugar River Rail Trail (March 10, 2012)

Hopkinton-Everett (Feb.4, 2012)

NCATV Winter Poker Run (Jan.14, 2012)

Warren - Mt. Moosilauke (Jan.8, 2012)


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