April 3, 2018
NH ATV CLUB Monthly Meeting
April 16, 2018

Joe Duda/Director

  • Position: Director
  • Phone: 603-635-2704
  • Riding:RZR Special Edition
  • jmd350@msn.com

I’m the newbie! But I’ve actually been associated and supported this club in one form or another since 2000. Because of work and family I could never commit to more time to be a director. I can tell you the folks of this club not only ride and love their machines but really are dedicated and do a ton for the whole sport we all love. I’ve been riding 2-3-4 wheel vehicles since I was 16 and boy that was a long time ago. When I lived out west (Cali) I rode dirt bikes and them funny 3 wheelers called ATC’s in the deserts. I also did a brief attempt at Super Bike racing. One thing I learned in racing “high siding” is never a good thing. A smashed shoulder and ribs proved that and ended that stint. I also did a Safety cameo on Larry Huffmons Cycle TV show. Ironically it aired while recovering in a hospital. Having your neighbor as the Managing editor of Cycle World didn’t hurt though. I would get to drive every street and dirt test bike the mag had. Craziest was a Honda Factory Trials bike. I swear It would beat Spyder Man vertically up a building. On the asphalt its been Harley the last 28 years. I’ve been a gear head forever! I always loved the outdoors, ATV’s, and Jeeps. About 6 years ago I rode a side by side for the first time. Well it was like a mad scientist took my Jeep Rubicon and my ATV in a lab and out popped my RZR. It’s my baby Jeep. While in WV at the Hatfield and McCoy trails last year I met a lot of really nice folks. I was surprised that no one I spoke to new we have such an elaborate Trail system up here in NH. I invited them all to come up here and ride our trails. By the way we have four main pieces to our trails. Generous land owners, various state and local agencies, proactive clubs, and YOU the riders who ride them, join clubs, pay your reg fees, and protect the trails you ride on. So stay safe and have some good dirty clean fun out on the trails.