A big thank you to the riders for helping clear the Rock Trail
June 16, 2018
Few changes in our Bylaws as of Jan1
November 20, 2020



 The following OHRV and snowmobile offenses now carry a fine of $248.00: o unregistered OHRV/snowmobile o modified/loud exhaust o operating without landowner permission o speed 25 mph over the limit (Effective July 2019*)
 Open containers of alcohol within any passenger area of an OHRV will be prohibited. (Effective September 10, 2019**)

 No person shall operate or be a passenger in a utility terrain vehicle (UTV) who is less than 18 years of age unless they are wearing a seat or safety belt which is properly adjusted and fastened, if the UTV is so equipped with safety belts. Helmets will still be required in addition to safety belts. (Effective September 10, 2019**)

 No person shall operate a UTV while carrying a passenger less than 7 years of age unless such passenger is properly fastened and secured by a child restraint system in accordance with the safety standards approved by the United States Department of Transportation. Helmets will still be required in addition to a child restraint system. o If the passenger is 57 inches or more in height, this provision shall not apply. (Effective September 10, 2019**)
 The operator of an OHRV or snowmobile involved in an accident resulting in death or injury to a person or damage to property in excess of $1,000, or the owner of the OHRV having knowledge of the accident, should the operator be incapacitated, shall report the accident immediately to the nearest police officer or nearest police station and shall file a report of the accident with the NH Fish and Game Department and the NH Department of Safety within 5 days on forms prescribed by the NH Fish and Game Department. (Effective September 10, 2019**)

 Blue and/or red colored lights shall only be used on OHRVs or snowmobiles owned or leased by state, county, municipal, or federal agencies. (Effective September 10, 2019**)

 All OHRVs shall have at least one mirror showing the area to the rear of the OHRV. This shall not apply to trail bikes. (Effective September 10, 2019**)
 The driver of any OHRV or snowmobile upon approaching, overtaking, or