February 9, 2018
February 9, 2018

Welcome to the New Hampshire ATV Club


…NHATV was formed in February 1998. We started with 20 members and continue to grow our membership each month. We hope to be known as a club striving to protect our lands while improving our riding areas. This will take a lot of attention from our club. We are working with the State officials and land owners to accomplish this feat. We hope to work together in our mission to make our sport more enjoyable. Safety is always being considered in planning our trips.

The main functions of this club are as follows:

1. To assist in developing a new trail systems.
2. Monitor and respond to all-terrain vehicle legislation.
3. Conduct safety courses.
4. Improve our image of ATV riders.
5. Educate fellow members.
6. Fund raising events for charities.
7. Club events.
8. Protecting the land and future of the ATVs.

Download our bylaws by clicking the link below

Since 1998 we have held several safety courses, charity functions such as “Toys for Tots”; we maintain the Rockingham Recreational Trail system (We refer to as our HOME trail) NH ATV grades the trail as needed. Cleans the trash left on the trail by other users and nonusers, we completed a major parking lot upgrade @ the Warner Hill Parking lot and we have built 2 new kiosks, 1 is located @ the Fremont parking lot and the 2nd is located at the Warner Hill parking lot. We have several other projects in the planning stages.